Blog Management: Building Trust

Blog Management: Building Trust

What is the single most important aspect of making sure your blog works for you?


A blog can provide your site with a tremendous amount of influence over user behavior. Just having a blog motivates the average user to spend 30% to 50% more time on your site than they would otherwise.


That alone might seem like a good enough reason to have a blog, but there’s one factor that you need to bear in mind each and every time you post to a blog: Its biggest strategic purpose.


What is that? Simply: To build trust.

When someone visits your website for the first time, they don’t know the difference between you and tens of thousands of other sites in your industry. Luckily, the majority of those sites won’t be read, won’t be updated, and will never be a direct competitor to you.


Why? Because people lack trust in those sites.

Whenever someone visits your website, it’s a tremendous opportunity to engage in a dialogue with them and establish rapport. Your blog serves as the human voice that makes it all possible.


How Can You Build Trust With Your Blog?


There are countless ways to build trust with blogging. Let’s look at some of the key methods:


1. Establish A Clear Persona


When you are writing for your blog, you want it to be clear “who” is speaking and why a user should trust the information being offered. Make sure that the authors of your blogs are fully credible and that their relevant credentials are easy to find. Use a clear, consistent voice.


2. Speak To Topics That Energize Your Readers


The more keyed in you are to the topics that your readers find important, the more they will get the message that you care about their success and well-being. This is crucial: Don’t be afraid to offer valuable tips and advice so you can build a relationship. Don’t rush to the sale.


3. Engage Your Viewers In A Conversation


People don’t like to be talked at, but they appreciate the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the topics that move them. Be sure that you’re using effective techniques to engage your users: Ask questions, invite participation, and give them incentives to share your content.


Trust is key when it comes to making your blog stand out!

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